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  • 20/6/2023

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ტექნიკური მომსახურება


UX/UI დიზაინი


ვებ დეველოპმენტი

1. Introduction

At Artmedia, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional digital experiences for our clients. When FinEdu approached us to develop their first educational web-portal, we were excited to help them make a lasting impact in the financial education space. As a Georgian-based company dedicated to offering publications, blogs, and multimedia content to empower individuals on their financial journey, FinEdu needed a user-friendly, accessible, and informative platform that was easy to navigate and maintain.

2. Understanding the Problem

FinEdu expressed their need for a digital platform that would not only house their extensive library of educational materials, but also provide interactive tools for users to engage with the content. They emphasized the importance of offering unbiased information, while remaining compliant with current legislation. Our team at Artmedia understood the importance of balancing functionality and aesthetics to create an immersive learning experience for all users, without sacrificing ease of use.

3. Design and Development

To address FinEdu's unique requirements, our design team at Artmedia crafted a visually appealing concept that aligned with their brand identity and educational mission.

Our developers at Artmedia integrated crucial modules such as the financial calculator, test, and resources sections, to offer an interactive and comprehensive learning experience. The financial calculator allowed users to apply their newly acquired knowledge, while the test module enabled them to assess their understanding of the material. The resources section served as a central hub for all content, ensuring that users could easily access the valuable information provided by FinEdu.

We focused on creating a clean, intuitive layout that would simplify content discovery and encourage user interaction. To power the platform, we utilized the PHP and Laravel framework, which provided the necessary flexibility and scalability for the project.


We are proud to have partnered with FinEdu in creating their first educational web-portal, which successfully addresses their needs while providing a seamless and engaging user experience. By combining an appealing design with powerful functionality, we have built a platform that enables FinEdu to deliver on their mission of providing accessible financial education to the Georgian community. As Artmedia continues to innovate and create, we remain committed to helping our clients achieve their goals through exceptional web development services.