Youth Tbilisi

This expansive website, financed by the City Hall, is designed to cater to three distinct types of users. Firstly, visitors who can access and read the information available on the site, view details of events, and participate in them. Secondly, registered users, further categorized into volunteers, who can show interest in various events, and legal entities, empowered to plan and execute these events. Finally, users with administrative rights, entrusted with comprehensive site management responsibilities, including overseeing site processes, content, user rights, and the overall design of the website.

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Youth Tbilisi
Mariam Nikoleishvili 🗣️💪;
Elene Chekurishvili 😒🍦;
Giorgi Paichadze ✝️🧢;
Ani Bukhrashvili 🧩🤫;
Maintenance & Technical Support

Maintenance & Technical Support

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Web Development

What we successfully achieved:


User-Friendly Interface for All Users: We developed the website to be easily navigable and user-friendly, catering to both casual visitors and registered users.

Optimized Navigation and Fast Loading Times: Our team ensured the website featured efficient, responsive navigation and quick loading times, enhancing the user experience.

Future-Ready Scalability: The site was built with scalability in mind, allowing for future expansion of functionalities as needed.

Comprehensive Administration Functionality: We implemented administrative capabilities, enabling site managers to effectively control modules, processes, user rights, and site design.

Customizable Design Elements: Our development included flexible design elements, notably a manageable pop-up functionality created while maintaining the integrity of the main page template.

Efficient, Modifiable Code: The site's code was optimized for peak performance and structured to allow easy modifications, avoiding reliance on generic CMS systems.

Bilingual Accessibility: We made the website accessible in both English and Georgian, especially for CMS-managed static pages.

Universal Platform and Browser Compatibility: The website was engineered to function seamlessly across various platforms and browsers, ensuring wide accessibility.

Responsive Design for All Devices: Our team ensured that the website was responsive and optimized for a variety of screen sizes and devices.

Phased Project Development: The project was methodically divided into three key stages - Design, MVP, and Full Functionality - and successfully executed in this structured manner.

Tailored to Client Specifications: The entire product was custom-developed according to the client's specific requirements, steering clear of pre-built CMS solutions.

Transfer of Authorship Rights: Upon completion, we transferred all authorship rights of the final code to the client.

Specific Hosting and Deployment: The site was hosted and deployed as per the client's specified requirements, be it on a dedicated hosting service or a cloud provider.

Post-Completion Client Training: After the project's completion, we provide thorough training to the client on managing and utilizing the full functionality of the site.