Building a User-Friendly Digital Platform for the National Archives of Georgia


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    • 20/6/2023

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    1. Introduction

    We, at Artmedia, were excited to start our first collaboration with the National Archives of Georgia. They needed a comprehensive website that would combine their archives and services into one user-friendly platform. This project was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and contribute to Georgia's cultural heritage.

    2. Problem

    The National Archives of Georgia wanted a modern website that included their vast archives, information about pavilions, a rent-a-cinema-hall feature, and digital catalogues. The most challenging part was migrating their data from the old systems to the new platform, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising data integrity or security.

    3. Solution

    We started by understanding the client's needs and decided to use PHP Laravel as our framework. Our UX and UI designers created an attractive and easy-to-navigate interface for the website.

    Next, we developed the various modules, such as the pavilion section, rent-a-cinema-hall feature, and digital catalogues. Our team focused on making the content easily accessible for users.

    Data migration was the most challenging aspect. Our developers and data specialists worked diligently to ensure a smooth transfer of the archives to the new website. We performed thorough testing and validation to maintain data integrity and security.

    Throughout the project, we communicated openly with the National Archives of Georgia to make sure we met their expectations and addressed any concerns.


    We successfully delivered a user-friendly website for the National Archives of Georgia that made their resources more accessible and provided a solid foundation for future growth. Our collaboration demonstrated the importance of teamwork and the value of preserving cultural heritage in the digital world.