About Us

Artmedia is your reliable team for handling any software challenges. Since 2010, we've been assisting nearly 100 companies with their web tech needs using our smart techniques and energetic approach. With more than 100 successful projects under our belt, we know just how to create the perfect, dynamic web solutions to help your company reach its full potential. Let our experience and knowledge do the talking. Join forces with Artmedia and see your digital goals come to fruition!


Our technical and creative team constantly develops professional skills that enable each project to be fulfilled with the highest professionalism and maximum satisfaction of customer's requirements.


Step by step, we follow the development of technology to design appropriate for future and software solution for our customers. Constant monitoring of the ongoing project allows us to intervene in the pre-determined time and budget.


The relationship we seek to establish with our clients is professional but, at the same time, human. Such a relationship values the energy and the passion that we put into our work and isn’t based solely upon purely economical aspects.

All the tools we use and some, that we pretend to use...

Jokes aside, our day-to-day work includes using a variety of tools, from the latest tech trendsetters to the reliable “oldies-but-goldies”. Whether it's for coding, designing, or strategising, these tools are like an extra player in our team - diverse, dependable, and always ready for action.